Get ready for your puppy fix!

Helen contacted me to have a photo session with their Dachshund, Floella and her pups before they were all sent off to their new homes.

I think I spent the first 30 mins of this session just cuddling these babies.  I wasn’t expecting them to be so small and just so so gorgeous, they were like little mini slinkiest.  When I saw them I squealed like a little girl, dropped my camera bag and almost jumped up and down for joy.  I just sat amongst them and had them crawling all over me, chewing my shoes and shoelaces, biting tiny holes in my tee-shirt and licking my face. Lucky they all already had their homes to go to, otherwise I would have been packing one into my bag to take home with me.

Because Helen and Radek don’t yet have children, Floella is like their baby (I can definitely relate to this) and it’s nice to now see her now a mother herself with 7 week old puppies that will soon go to new homes.

Floella is a real hugger a very affectionate dog, maybe a little too humanised from all the special love she receives. She is also a a great mother to her pups.

Dachshund puppy with owner

Dachshund puppy pet photography

Dachshund Puppies pet photography

Dachshund Pet Photography

Dachshund with Owner Pet Photography

Floella Dachshund photography

Floella Dachshund Pet Photographer

Dachshund with Owners Pet Photography

Dachshund Puppies Pet Photography

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