Bridie was diagnosed with a severe heart condition when she was very young and due to this wasn’t expected to live beyond 12 months.  She was a very sick puppy and Arna was encouraged to let her go.  They decided to fight and to give her a good life for as long as they were going to have her. Thankfully they did as when she was 6 months old her heart murmur could no longer be detected and she had exceeded all expectations.

Bridie is now a very happy and playful dog and Arna and Ann consider themselves very lucky to have Bridie in their lives.

For Bridie’s session we went to Monash University which has lovely grounds with lots of native trees, rock formations, walking paths and even a large pond.  It’s a great spot, quite private too which was well suited for Bridie as sometimes she can be unpredictable with other dogs.

Arna was lucky enough to receive this pet photography session as a gift from her sister-in-law for Christmas, given to her because everyone knows how important Bridie is to her.

I’m glad I could provide these two with some beautiful images of their very special Bridie.  Giving the gift of professional pet photography to any pet lover is a very special and unique gift.  I offer any of my sessions as gift vouchers which can be purchased HERE.

Bridie Melbourne Pet Photography Bridie Melbourne Pet Photography 106_Bridie_EKP_0075_Stomp Bridie Melbourne Pet Photography Bridie Melbourne Pet Photography
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