Every year the Lost Dogs Home has a “12 Strays of Christmas” campaign where they advertise 12 stray pets in the newspaper to try and find them homes by Christmas.  Jennifer hadn’t seriously considered getting a dog companion until she saw Gracie’s photo in the newspaper and she instantly wanted to find out more.

At the shelter, her heart melted when she saw this tiny little white dog in a large pen looking frightened. She looked into Gracie’s adorable eyes and at that moment Jennifer fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.

As a stray dog she didn’t have any identity so couldn’t be reunited with her owner. The Lost Dogs Home de-sexed her, gave her a new name, estimated her age and put her up for adoption. Basically her life history was erased, but this meant she could start a new and much happier life with Jennifer and her family.

It’s been over a year now since Jennifer adopted Gracie and she mentions just how much she has changed her life in so many happy ways. “Gracie brings joy and love to so many people. Her sweet loving nature brings out the best in everybody and she helps people overcome difficult times in their lives.”

Jennifer says “I have never before felt so much love for a dog. The love and loyalty she gives me makes me feel so fulfilled and special. She is the light of my life and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  My Gracie Dee is one in a million.”

I had so much fun photographing Gracie-Dee and she really was just the sweetest little soul.  This session took place at their home where Gracie is most comfortable as being an adopted pet she can sometimes be unpredictable around other dogs.  It was very evident how much she loved Jennifer as she didn’t like to leave her side and she is very loved in return by their whole family.

Gracie Dee Melbourne Pet Photography

Gracie Melbourne Pet Photography

Gracie Chihuahua Melbourne Pet Photography

Melbourne Pet Chihuahua Photography

Gracie pet and owner photography

Melbourne Pet Chihuahua Photography

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