Chris and I are regular weekend cafe goers, and we have found a number of really great cafes in and around the Brunswick area where we live.  Being a dog owner I’m always looking for the best cafes where we can take Peanut along and she can sit outside with us while we enjoy a coffee and brunch. One that we are regulars at is Jellystone Cafe and this cafe has always stood out to us as it’s owned and run by NZer’s and hence we always feel right at home being surrounded by other kiwis and getting to listen to that iconic kiwi accent.  It definitely helps that they also do the best eggs benedict ever and Peanut always gets treated to plenty of cuddles, pats and even bacon!  They are a great dog friendly cafe and have an open outdoor space for dogs. They always come and say hi not just to us, but to Peanut too (in fact she probably get’s better service than we do haha).

Another regular to this cafe is Tanya & dog Merrick the Boxer.  Unfortunately 2 years ago Merrick was diagnosed with cancer and had a tumor removed from his mouth, but recently it has grown back meaning that he may not have much longer to live as it is now inoperable.  Glenn the owner of Jellystone has taken a huge liking to Merrick (he even made him a FB page), that he decided the cafe and staff would all pitch in for a photo shoot of Merrick with the intention to also display a large image of Merrick inside on the cafe wall.  I am honored that I could do this shoot to create some lasting memories of Merrick as the happy, soft natured dog he is, and to soon see my image of Merrick gracing the walls of Jellystone.

Merrick the Boxer Pet Photography

Merrick Boxer Pet Photography

Merrick and Tanya Boxer Pet Photography

Merrick the Boxer Pet Photography

Merrick the Boxer dog Photography

Merrick the Boxer and owner Tanya Pet Photography

Merrick the Boxer Pet Photography session

Pet and Owner Photography

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