In Rodger’s Rescue Dog Photography Session, Rodger is now living the good life with a new loving family after being rescued and adopted.  Stephanie adopted Rodger from the Lost Dogs Home where he ended up after being found drowning in a Dam.  He was very fortunate to be seen and rescued by Rodger, a Electrician who was working in the area, and so he was aptly named Rodger, after his rescuer. 

It wasn’t certain what breed he was but after meeting Peanut and I at the Dog Lovers Show, Stephanie thought that Rodger was very similar to Peanut and might very well be a Chihuahua Cross.  From how she explained him I didn’t think he and Peanut would be very similar, but when I met him I could have sworn they are brother and sister.  Although they look very different and Rodger sometimes looks like a little black and white monkey or a Lemur even, he is a cheeky little character, but he has a lot of the same characteristics and personality as Peanut.

I made sure they bought Rodger around to meet Peanut at their photo viewing and the two absolutely hit it off and played and played together for over an hour!  I love it when I can make a new friend for peanut from the clients I get to meet and work with.

Rodger loves to play and as he wasn’t really one to sit still during our session, instead the focus was on capturing him as he played and had a fun day out with mum and dad in the park.

Dog posing
Dog at Queens Park
Dog walking at park
Dog action shot
Dog running action shot
dog at my feet
Dog Action Shot
puppy cuddles
puppy cuddles
Dog trick posing
Dog in Action Photo
Melbourne Cute Pet Photography
Melbourne rescue dog photography

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