Meet Erin


My dog, Peanut, is my everything. She is my love, my life and my inspiration and the muse behind Erin King Photographer.

Owning a dog has helped show me that animals lives are so precious. Tiny lives to be revered – to respect, to look up to, to learn from and to love.

My photography aims to show the beauty of our pets and animals by creating photos that show us their life was special, they meant something to us and ultimately that they were loved. I believe in expressing the love we have for animals and embracing the love they show us in return.

Having grown up around animals and having my own dog, Peanut, I’ve felt more and more connected and passionate about our relationships with animals and more specifically dogs as more than just pets, as part of our family. I’ve been a dedicated professional pet photographer since moving to Melbourne in 2010. With an ever growing dog community, I was even more inspired to incorporate my love of animals into my photography. I’ve always been an avid animal lover and animal rights supporter but my love for Peanut has shown me just how much a pet can influence your life for the better. Bringing joy, love and happiness to everyday, I feel it is important to capture and cherish these memories, moments and rewarding relationships with our pets.

All life is
And all forms of life respond to
Girl with her chihuahua
Erin and Peanut Combi Van

Things you might not know about me…

  • I’m a proud Kiwi, getting hassled for my “fush und chups” accent in Australia
  • Things I LOVE: Travel abroad, sunshine/summer/the outdoors (I hibernate during winter), Pasta, Haloumi Cheese
  • I’m fit’ish’ but only because I LOVE food
  • TV watching or game playing is my vice, especially reality tv – that’s my daily dose of drama.
  • I am a total balling ugly cryer during movies

On My Bucket List…

  • More travel….Sooo much world out there to see and experience!
  • Wildlife animal photography tours in South Africa and Antarctica
  • Volunteering at Thailand Elephant Sanctuary.
  • Peanut as a Therapy Dog visiting hospitals/aged care homes spreading love.

Check Out

My Awards

Erin is proud to be announced the Finalist for the Victorian Pet/Animal Photographer of the year for 4 years running! Check out her award image gallery

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