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Welcome to my Blog.

Here you can check out posts from real client pet photography sessions.
Read about their stories and view a selection of images taken throughout the session, to give you an idea of what we capture during a typical session.

You will also find posts on my active AIPP award entry participation, having entered for the last 5 years, and being awarded as the Finalist for the Victorian Pet/Animal Photographer of the year for the last 4 years, this is a big part of my life and photography evolution.
Get a behind the scenes look into what goes into creating an award winning image.

Read some of the heartwarming rescue stories that have gone into my Melbourne Rescue Dog fundraising photobooks.

Melbourne Pet Photography – Mr Pickles the Dachshund

I will always have a soft spot for Dachshunds, as my first dog as a kid was a long haired Dachshund named Jessie, who I have very fond memories of.  Emily was very lucky to receive Mr Pickles the Dachshund as a gift for her birthday.  Best birthday gift ever!  Her...

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Poochie Palace’s Pet Photography Session

I have a new groomer and doggy daycare centre literally 5 mins around the corner from me, Poochie Palace run by Laura and her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Bailey, who I had the pleasure of photographing.  Finally I got to shoot a pet photography session in my local...

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Melbourne Pet Photography – Gus the Pugalier Puppy

Dearne is one pet owner who knows the importance of getting her pet photographed while he is still a puppy, and this Pugalier puppy, Gus, sure is growing up fast!  He has already exceeded their expectations becoming bigger already than what they had hoped he would...

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Rodger’s Rescue Dog Photography Session

In Rodger's Rescue Dog Photography Session, Rodger is now living the good life with a new loving family after being rescued and adopted.  Stephanie adopted Rodger from the Lost Dogs Home where he ended up after being found drowning in a Dam.  He was very fortunate to...

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Melbourne Pet Photography – Sheida & Pepsi

Sheida and Pepsi are friends of Peanut and I, we often get to sit down and have a natter over coffee while Peanut and Pepsi play and hang out together.  It's all very cute, I think these two girls were made to be best friends. Pepsi came into Sheida's life on the 12th...

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Melbourne Pet Photography – Leesa, Sully & Family

It's been awhile since I've done a family pet photography session, but this was such an enjoyable one with such an amazingly photogenic family and their dogs.  It's obvious that this family love and cherish their pets so much so that they are not just their pets, but...

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Melbourne Pet Photography – Bridie

Bridie was diagnosed with a severe heart condition when she was very young and due to this wasn't expected to live beyond 12 months.  She was a very sick puppy and Arna was encouraged to let her go.  They decided to fight and to give her a good life for as long as...

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Melbourne Pet Photography – Gracie Dee the Chihuahua

Every year the Lost Dogs Home has a “12 Strays of Christmas” campaign where they advertise 12 stray pets in the newspaper to try and find them homes by Christmas.  Jennifer hadn't seriously considered getting a dog companion until she saw Gracie's photo in the...

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Pet Photography with Scruffy Dog Photography in Canada

While on our travels  in Toronto, Canada, after wandering around the city admiring the amount of people with dogs and what a great city/country this would be to do pet photography, I just happened upon the annual Woofstock dog show.  At Woofstock I found Illona's...

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