Heartwarming Rescue Stories of Melbourne Dogs – Lucy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Heartwarming Rescue Stories of Melbourne Dogs – Lucy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Unfortunately it’s quite common for dogs not to be themselves in shelters. They may have come from a bad situation and because they are not in a stable home environment they are not receiving the best love, care and attention that they need. As such they can develop undesirable behaviours, become scared, stressed, anxious, and sometimes even act out or become aggressive. The problem with this is, this is the behaviour that becomes the basis for whether or not they are deemed suitable for re-homing or get chosen to be adopted. But more often than not, this is not their normal behaviour. It is often a behaviour based on their reaction to this living situation they have been placed into and often not a true reflection of the dogs real personality.

This was very evident in Lucy’s story from my second fundraising photo book project – Longing for Love – telling the heartwarming stories of Melbourne Rescue Dogs.
Lucy has to be one of the happiest dogs I’ve met who simply loves life and her new owner, Todd and who’s face is always plastered with the biggest Staffy smile. However you wouldn’t have known this from how she was acting at the shelter, but thankfully Todd decided to take a chance on her. Here’s their story…

“To this day, finding Lucy, has been the best thing to ever hapen to me.”

I’ve always been a dog person; I had family dogs when I was a kid. So after I bought my first house and fixed up the yard I was eager to search for a furry companion of my own. My Nan actually got me on to the idea of adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy, as she said, “When you adopt a dog, you’re saving a life”.

After looking at several different dog rescue websites, I came across Lucy. Unlike the other profiles, Lucy’s only had one picture, but I had a good feeling about her. I rang the RSPCA, and she was still up for adoption. The only issue was that she was in Broken Hill and I was in Frankston, approximately a 10 hour trip away. So, not knowing what I was really getting myself into, I packed the car and headed to Broken Hill.

When I got there they told me what they knew about Lucy’s background. She was taken off her original owner because he cut her tail off with an axe when she was just a pup. Lucy had then been adopted out and brought back as that owner ‘didn’t have time for her’.

When I first walked out the back to see Lucy she was scaling the wire fence and barking her head off. My initial thought was what the bloody hell have I gotten myself into, but as soon as I took Lucy away from the shelter she was like a completely different dog. She was only a year old and I hate to think of the amount of stress she went through in her first year on this earth going through all that she did.

In the seven years Lucy and I have been together she has needed very little training to be the perfect dog she is today. I’ve heard her bark only twice, she doesn’t dig holes, chew my things or terrorise visitors. She’s great with people and other animals. All she ever wants to do is be shown affection; belly and butt scratches are her favourite. She also loves napping in the sun, chewing on big marrow bones and chasing birds away when we go to the park.

To this day, finding Lucy has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She’s my best friend. When I tell people Lucy’s story they often say she is so lucky that I adopted her, but the fact is, I’m the lucky one.

You can read Lucy’s story as well as many other inspiring and heartwarming rescue stories in this book. Have your very own keepsake limited edition coffee table book which can be purchased here

Heartwarming Rescue Stories of Melbourne Dogs – Meika the French Bulldog

Heartwarming Rescue Stories of Melbourne Dogs – Meika the French Bulldog

Meika is the first in a series of Melbourne dog rescue stories I’m sharing from my first fundraising photo book project – From Lost to Loved – telling the heartwarming stories of Melbourne Rescue Dogs.
Meika’s story has touched me dearly and I’m so happy it has been told in my book as unfortunately she has since passed away. Ruby, Meika’s mum, is so thankful to have these beautiful memories of her special girl.

“I can’t even really describe the little lost soul I adopted to the loving little girl I know now.”

Ruby followed a number of animal rescue sites and found Meika the French Bulldog on New Beginnings Animal Rescue Inc. Jax, Ruby’s Aussie Bulldog, had become withdrawn, sad and lonely after moving into a new home so Ruby had been looking for a second dog to accompany him. Jax had spent his entire life with another dog and now he was was not coping well being all alone.

Driving over 3 hours to meet her with Jax in tow, it turned out Meika didn’t really like Jax, but he was immediately smitten.

It was saddening and obvious that Meika had been used as a breeding dog rather than a pet. She’d been mistreated – the fur rubbed away around her neck from a collar far too small for her, she had excessive belly skin which all overlapped and stuck together with enlarged nipples from having multiple litters. Her feet were stained from where she had been anxiously chewing them. She was timid and very unsure.

After making sure Meika and Jax were compatible, Ruby took her home. On the drive home, Meika sat in the front seat and ignored Jax the whole way home while Jax was basically grinning from ear to ear in the back.

Meika did not know how to play or act around Jax so spent 6 weeks inside before Jax and her could be completely left unsupervised. It was incredible to see her transformation, the first time she played with Jax. He was exceptionally patient with her and had transformed into a happy dog again with her around.

Eventually feeling safe at home, but Meika still took a long time to not be afraid every time she left the house. She could not cope being out of Ruby’s sight. It actually took several weeks for Meika to feel confident enough just to step off the back porch into the back yard. Even now she still needs to always stay close by to Ruby.

Ruby says: “Her physical appearance has changed as drastically as her personality. I can’t even really describe the little lost soul I adopted to the loving little girl I know now. She is happy and she is very loved. From the moment I took her home I have received endless love from her. I look at her and I am filled with love. I love her for what she has done for Jax and for trusting me 100% from day one. I became her person and I will continue to show her the life she deserved to have from the beginning. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You can read Meika’s story as well as many other inspiring and heartwarming rescue stories in this book. Have your very own keepsake limited edition coffee table book which can be purchased here

This story was also shared on the Pretty Fluffy Website

Happy Endings for Melbourne Rescue Dogs by Erin King Photographer

Rodger’s Rescue Dog Photography Session

Rodger’s Rescue Dog Photography Session

In Rodger’s Rescue Dog Photography Session, Rodger is now living the good life with a new loving family after being rescued and adopted.  Stephanie adopted Rodger from the Lost Dogs Home where he ended up after being found drowning in a Dam.  He was very fortunate to be seen and rescued by Rodger, a Electrician who was working in the area, and so he was aptly named Rodger, after his rescuer. 

It wasn’t certain what breed he was but after meeting Peanut and I at the Dog Lovers Show, Stephanie thought that Rodger was very similar to Peanut and might very well be a Chihuahua Cross.  From how she explained him I didn’t think he and Peanut would be very similar, but when I met him I could have sworn they are brother and sister.  Although they look very different and Rodger sometimes looks like a little black and white monkey or a Lemur even, he is a cheeky little character, but he has a lot of the same characteristics and personality as Peanut.

I made sure they bought Rodger around to meet Peanut at their photo viewing and the two absolutely hit it off and played and played together for over an hour!  I love it when I can make a new friend for peanut from the clients I get to meet and work with.

Rodger loves to play and as he wasn’t really one to sit still during our session, instead the focus was on capturing him as he played and had a fun day out with mum and dad in the park.

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