“All a dog ever wants is love and we dog mums have a lot of love to give.”

For Mothers Day this year, I think we should take a minute to celebrate and acknowledge all of the fur mumma’s out there, because dog mums deserve to be celebrated too!

Erin’s sessions aim to capture not only emotion filled portraits of our beloved pets but also the interaction between pet and owner. Erin’s work illustrates the meaningful relationships we share with our pets.

In this series of images, Erin shares some of her favourite shots. She has captured the loving bond shared between women and their dogs. Each one sharing a special intimate and emotional tender moment. What better way to pay homage to the dog mum.

These days, pets are often referred to as our babies and similarly treated as such. They are now the ‘new kids’. It’s evident that as we become more and more connected and passionate about our relationships with animals they’ve become so much more than just pets. Dogs as our closest companions have now become an integral part of our family. Taking care of a dog is a big commitment not too dissimilar from taking care of a child. For some fur mums their dog will fulfil this role being the closest thing to their child. All a dog ever wants is love and we dog mums have a lot of love to give.

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