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Here’s How

What’s involved in a pet photography session?
Let me walk you through the process of my photography session experience – from the shoot to the final products.
I’ll address some of the questions you might ask yourself before booking and outline the process for you.

Sessions To Suit

Different Dogs

Choose a session which suits your dogs personality and the type of images you want to capture.
Are they delightful or divine, cheeky or cheerful, precious or playful?
Australian Terrier

Choose Your Session

  • Two slightly different photography and personality session styles: – Delightful Outdoor Adventure or Divine Stylish Portraits.
  • Divine portrait sessions focus on capturing modern stylish portraits for the prim and proper but these are still fun and natural of course. Take place at smaller parks and urban locations.
  • Delightful Adventure sessions are for those more adventurous types who like to explore, run, play and swim. These include larger native parkland or beach locations.
  • Both session types are shot outdoors in natural late afternoon light.
  • Every session is different and we always work according to what works for your dogs unique personality.

Let’s Get Out

On Location

Part of your photography session experience is to determine the most suitable outdoor location for your session.
All bookings get sent a pre-scouted location guide specific to your preferred options with lots of locations and ideas for you to choose from.

Outdoor Adventures

    We choose your locations based on:

  • Your dogs behaviour and personality.
  • The look and feel you want to achieve in your photos
  • Where you and you dog love to spend an afternoon outdoors and feel most comfortable.
  • Locations are suggested based on having certain photographic qualities to enhance your photos.
  • Locations are all dog friendly, some off lead, some on lead locations.
  • Locations can include parks, beaches, forests, streets, city, rivers, etc.
  • Typically sessions are covered for up to 1 hr travel time
Labrador Exhibition building Pet Photography Portfolio

Light, Camera,


Having selected your options and booked a date, we go out and create beautiful moments and memories together.
What everyone always tells me that they take away from this experience (your dog included) and what I feel is most important is having FUN in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.
Erin King Photographer behind the scenes

What to expect from your photography session

  • Make sure both you and your dog are looking your best.
  • Dog’s don’t HAVE to be trained. It’s not always necessary to be able to get great photographs of them.
  • Sometimes for safety reasons, your dog can remain on lead
    Check out some of my before and after photos above
  • If your dog is super high energy, it’s often a good idea to get some of that energy out prior to the session.
  • I ask that you bring along any of your dog’s favourite treats and toys that you would normally use with them and know they respond well to.
  • I will work according to your dogs energy level and personality, never forcing your dog to do anything it’s not comfortable with.
  • I do ask for your support and co-operation to assist me with commanding your dog, gaining their attention and keeping them focused.

Session FAQ’s

Every session includes up to 2 pets from the same household photographed at a single location. Erin's time and talent - at the photo session itself, and all image editing, post processing and printed product design/file preparation, plus a second photo reveal and purchasing appointment.

Products include: 1 5x7inch matted print plus the matching image as a digital image file.

All other images, prints or products are purchased separately in addition to the session fee at your photo reveal and purchasing appointment. Additional pets will incur an additional fee. Travel to custom locations or outside of the travel range can incur an additional travel fee.

My studio and showroom are located in Bundoora in the North East suburbs of Victoria.
Outdoor sessions take place across most of Melbourne at various different pre-determined park, beach or city locations within an approximate travel distance of 50km. Outside of this additional travel fees may apply and can range from $50-$150.

We all know that Melbourne is the city of 4 seasons in 1 day right!? This means we do often have to be flexible to work around the weather for your outdoor session. I will always be watching the forecast in the lead up to your session date and if this is deemed to be unsuitable, we will make the call to reschedule to another date in the hope to get a more suitable day. This decision can sometimes be made on the day of your session. We won't go ahead if it is too hot 30+ or if it is wet/raining or a really dreary/dark day. Certain locations like the beach do require ideal weather for your session to go ahead, beach sessions don't go ahead if it is very windy.

Absolutely not! I will always encourage this, but believe me, I understand not being comfortable in front of the camera! We can always take a more abstract approach and include closer detailed shots of dogs at your feet, dogs in your lap, cuddling your dog etc as well as more natural interactions bewteen you and your dog rather than posed and looking at the camera.

This is absolutely fine, and definitely encouraged for your dogs safety during our session. Leads are removed in my post production image editing, so any final images you order won't show that the dog was on lead.

There are locations I can suggest for you that are quieter and won't have as many dogs visiting there. We would have your dog remain on the lead so they are always in your control in case another dog is nearby or approaches us. I also don't tend to photograph in areas where there are lots of other dogs due to the distraction.

Yes, of course. I have worked with all types of different dogs with different abilities and behaviours and while I am not a dog trainer and do not have any formal dog training, through experience I do recognise how to read certain signals and a dogs body language. I do ask for your support and co-operation to assist me with commanding your dog, gaining their attention and keeping them focused. I will always use positive reinforcement with treats and toys etc to encourage your dog to do certain things during their session. And always give them breaks throughout so we are not working them too hard, beyond their abilities. If they are unable to stay they will often remain on the lead. If they prefer to play, run around etc, then this is what we capture and is displaying their own unique personality.

This will vary depending on how many dogs and people are attending and also on the location, generally approximately 1 hour, with more than 2 dogs and larger locations the session will go for approx 2 hours. We don't shoot for longer than 2 hours on a session as I've found this is about a dogs limit for gaining their concentration as it can be quite strenuous with the amount of stimulation and brainwork required.

Think your dog can’t be photographed?…

Well think again

Firstly let’s address the most common misperception…that my dog isn’t well behaved enough…their too naughty, un-trained and un-responsive.
Well I’ve worked with all different kinds of dogs with different behavioral traits, and while I’m not a dog trainer, I simply read and work to your dog’s comfort level.
Not all dogs are natural posers! And that’s OK. In fact sometimes the best shots can be of your dog simply enjoying themselves and this is also reflective of their personality.
Training is always a bonus but not necessary to get great shots. After all dog’s aren’t models.
Part of the photography session experience is working to your dogs training level and ability and always ensuring their safety!

Before and After

Not every dog is perfectly trained and knows how to sit, stay and pull off that perfect inquisitive head tilt, but this is why you hire a professional right…

Safety is always my utmost concern during a session, so if your dog is not dog friendly or can’t be trusted to come back when called, don’t fret, this doesn’t mean they can’t be photographed! It simply means we keep them on the lead and this is removed later in my post processing.

Digital images will always need some adjusting and tweaking. Every image you receive is re-worked whether this means minor colour and exposure adjustments, to lead removal and more extensive photoshop manipulation.

These examples of before and after images show the images straight out of the camera and finished once all adjustments have been made.

rescue dog beforerescue dog after
Dobermans in the city beforeDobermans in the city after
Kelpie at the beach beforeKelpie at the beach

See Your Images

Come to life

You will get to relive the fun and memories from your session when you see your photos.
Chill out with a coffee and most likely Peanut on your lap, in a relaxed no-salesy viewing session.
Choose your favourites to have made into beautiful products and design your wall art.

Bespoke Product Options

  • 2-4 weeks after your session you attend your purchasing appointment.
  • Takes place in person at my showroom in Moonee Ponds.
  • No capped limit to the number of images shown
  • A range of different product options and packages are available for varying budgets.
  • All products are on display for you to see, touch and drool over.
  • Payment plans are available through Payright.
photography canvases

Whats Been Said About

Working with erin

The best way to get an idea of what a session experience is all about is to check out what others have said about their experience.

“I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with my boy Ronny but never knew where to start, so I thought Erin’s rescue book was a great opportunity. Erin was so fantastic throughout the whole experience, she took as long as we needed for the shoot to make sure we got the best photos. She was so patient and friendly with Ronny, you could tell by her interactions with him that she is a massive animal lover. She made sure we got not only great photos but that we got what was important to us. Her experience and knowledge shows in her photos and because of all this we have asked Erin to photograph our Wedding!”

Danika, James & Ronny

“I wanted to create some treasured memories of my one and only fur baby! And I had no idea where to start or what I actually wanted. Erin came highly recommended via a Facebook group, and I am over the moon that we decided to go with Erin! She was so great in sharing ideas and examples of previous work! I loved the urban/city shoots she had done and I knew that was the way to go! Our photos are so unique and nothing we could re-create at home if we tried! Our prints are amazing quality and I cant wait to show them off! We are so in love with them!”
Alex & Frenchie River

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